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Movement in Music
Summer 2012


Cincity’s Yazz is a crazy female DJ duo made up of Cindy Kiota and Yasmin Gobel that loves to produce music and play music for a lot of people at a lot of different places! It’s all about making people smile, dance and enjoy!! Cincity’s Yazz is a vibe.
Is there something on your mind right now that you would like to share with our readers?
We have a new song coming out this summer and it’s called Yaya, it will make everybody dance and smile during the Latin Village Festival on July 1st, where we will be playing. We will perform the song live with our guitarist /vocalist Landy Soares Neves.

Where are you from, where do you currently reside, and where would you like to go?
Cindy: I’m Congolese, Dutch /Russian .

Yasmin: I’m Turkish, Dutch /Italian.

Cindy: I was born in Maastricht, where I escaped from when I was 17 years old to discover the crazy world and myself. These days I live in Rotterdam.

Yasmin: I grew up in Arnhem and live in Amsterdam now. Where do we want to go? We want go to so many places; this is our dream, to spread our music, play at as many places as possible all over the world. Africa, Brazil, Asia, America, Europe! We see ourselves worldwide, we don’t belong here.

How would you describe your sound?
Our sound is a combination of Tech-House with Afro and Latin House… it is uplifting and funky.

What gets you movin’ to make music?
Music makes us move to a lot of things in life, music makes us smile, music makes us dance, music makes us stop talking, music inspires us to make our own music! And of course our creativity and dreams also move us to make music!

What were some major milestones in your musical progress up untill now?
We are very proud of the first track we produced. The track “Tudo Bem” was released on DJ Gregor Salto’s label, these days all the big DJ’s from Holland are playing our song and we see people singing along with to song in the clubs! So we can say our very first production is a success.

I think the fact that the two of us do everything, every step, and every promotion together without any help of an agency or manager is a milestone on its own! ☺

What other artists inspire you?
Singers: Bob Marley, Drake, Amy Winehouse, Otis Reding and Bon Iver.
Of course there are too many, but if we look at DJ/producers we have to say Benny Rodrigues Rancido, and Leroy styles because they work so hard and are great people with masterminds! Afro jack, Sunnery and Ryan because they became so big internationally!

What makes a perfect collaboration in your eyes?
Both of us do what we are good at. We don’t try to do everything together. One is good in this and the other is good in that. So we complement each other and express it like we are one! Because in the end we are one!

Life Philosophy?
Yasmin: Believe in yourself and you can make everything happen.

Cindy: My passion is to enjoy what I create, that is all I can do.

Is there someone you would absolutely want to work with musically?
Yasmin : Bon Iver, Drake, and Nicki Minaj.

Cindy: There a lot of great artists I would love to work with that have passed away! There are a few, I would like to work with: James Blake, Vikter Duplaix and Quadron!
It would be great to work with some African musicians too, they are really up and coming in the Afro House scene and they share my roots. New talents are refreshing, exciting and very creative, so we love to work with them!

Alone or together?
Together is better! It’s boring behind the decks, in the plane, at the after party and in the studio alone. We laugh a lot and like we said we complete each other… ahh this sounds too sweet.

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